A guide to buy most appropriate cover for your car

When you decide to buy a car cover for your new vehicle, there are certain driving forces which lead you to take this decision. You might be parking your car outside and you do not want it to be effected from the extreme weather conditions. You will encounter a lot of different types and brands when you would visit the market to buy an appropriate cover for your car. Before you buy The Car Cover it is important to research properly about the available option and know your needs and requirements to make a good decision. Your decision would base on your personal requirements and the requirements of your car. Unless you are buying a universal car cover, you would have to assess the proper size of cover that can shelter the car from all dimensions. You are required to ask certain questions before you visit the market or purchase online.

Questions to ask yourself?

In order to make an informed and proper decision, you would have to ask following questions from yourself:

  • What are the weather conditions in the area where you live?
  • How often do you park your car outside your house?
  • How good is the locality in which you live, is there any possibility of kids playing around?
  • What are your budget preferences?
  • Is there any garage in your house or nearby?

Honest answer to these questions would lead to a better decision because these are directly related to the use of car covers and whether you should buy one or not. Weather is the most crucial element that will help you decide the type of car cover you need. If you park your car outside your house occasionally and you live in an area where it rains most of the time, it is useless to buy a cover which is not water resistant. In such a scenario, you should look for a water proof cover which has the properties of saving your vehicle from rain damage.

Extreme weathers:

A very hot weather is also damaging for the car, the UV rays from the sun can damage the car a lot and the possibility of buying a cover with UV protection might be your choice if you are living in such a hot area. There are some heat resistant car covers which minimizes the effect of heat and protects your car from getting very hot during summer season when parked outside. If you use these covers properly, the useful life of car would exceptionally be increased and you will see a better AC performance in your car.

Similarly, in an extreme cold weather you need to protect your car from snow and there are specific covers designed for this purpose too. These covers would not let the snow stuck at your car and there is no need to clean the vehicle every morning before leaving. You can just remove the cover and your car would be there ready for you! It is very important to select a proper water resistant cover in this situation.

If you have a garage in your house or you use a nearby garage for this purpose, you should not buy an outside car cover, you can go for an indoor option which are lighter in material and are different in purpose. The purpose of indoor car covers are to protect it from minor scratches. If you have a shed above your car porch which is not concrete, covering your car with an indoor car cover would be a nice idea to protect it from heavy rain.

Should you use universal covers?

It is a matter of personal preference that what type of car cover you use. Most people rely on The Car Cover that are universal in nature because these can be adjusted on almost all the cars including hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, MUVs, crossovers and even mini vans. The only drawback with such car covers is that when you cover the car there is a lot of hanging material that is excess to the need of small cars. It might look best on large cars but when you have to cover the smaller ones, it would not look that pleasant. If you are concerned about the beauty, universal car cover cannot be your choice and you would have to go for a properly fitted car cover.

The cheapest of all:

Universal car covers are the cheapest of all because these are produced in larger quantities and due to the economies of scale, it is beneficial for the sellers to even sell these covers at lower prices. When you are low at budget and still want to protect your car from outside conditions, these universal covers would be the ultimate choice but when you are ready to spend some additional bucks, I would recommend you to buy The Car Cover specifically designed for your car model. This would not only look pleasant but will provide a better protection to your car with proper fitting to all the external units.

Custom covers:

Custom covers, as the name suggests are designed to fit specific cars. When you get a custom made car cover, you will get a high premium fabric that will adjust to your vehicle like a tailor made suit. There are many advantages of using such type of covers as they provide a very reasonable look to your car and protection at the same time, though this is an expensive option.