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Make unlimited free calls to USA on Thanksgiving using Localphone

By Alok Saboo on November 23rd, 2011

Thanksgiving is here and so are the festivities, turkey dinners, and good times with friends and family (read about the Thanksgiving tradition). However, if you are far from home and cannot be with your near and dear ones, a phone call is the next best thing. Depending on where you are located, the long distance...

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FastVoIP offers cheapest VoIP calls worldwide [Review & Coupon]

By Alok Saboo on April 6th, 2011

Price, quality, and service are the probably the most important factors influencing the choice of a VoIP provider. Providers such as Betamax (e.g., Rynga, Jumblo, SmartVoIP) do reasonably well on price and to some extent on quality, however, their non-existent customer service renders the entire value proposition useless. Blocked accounts, billing disputes, payment issues, and...

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Manifone–Cheap international calls to Algeria, Morocco, Gabon, and others [Review & Giveaway]

By Alok Saboo on February 7th, 2011

While most VoIP service providers aim to target all the customers looking for VoIP services, research in marketing suggests that it is practically a very difficult to task to connect and communicate with customers with heterogeneous needs (different preferences). Firms are much better off segmenting the market into groups of consumers with distinct needs and...

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Miglu–Make VoIP calls from all countries even if blocked by your ISP [Review & Giveaway]

By Alok Saboo on October 31st, 2010

UPDATE (July 14, 2011): Miglu has shut down its calling services. VoIP, as a technology, has revolutionized communications. It has allowed us to be in touch with our near and dear ones without spending a fortune by allowing us to make cheap or even free international phone calls. Given these benefits, it is unfortunate to...

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CallArc all set to unveil unlimited FREE international phone calls all over the world [Review]

By Alok Saboo on September 20th, 2010

CallARC’s plan to offer free international calls seemed like a dream come true. In fact it was just too good to be true. Lot of people questioned the ability of CallArc to offer free calls all over the world. The delay in the proposed launch of CallArc only fuelled speculation that CallArc will never be...

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i-Hoot: Make free international VoIP calls on your iPhone using $5 free calling credits [Video Review]

By Alok Saboo on July 2nd, 2010

VoIP service providers are aggressively targeting the smart phone users. Given the demographic profile of this segment, it is not surprising at all. Smart phone users have all the attributes to make marketers salivate – they are (usually) rich, educated, connected, influential, savvy, etc. The ease of development for smart phones and their wide reach...

Read More – Low cost VoIP calls all around the world (incl. India, China) [Review]

By Alok Saboo on May 24th, 2010

Launching new VoIP services is nothing new for companies such as Dellmont Sarl and Betamax. Between the two they have over 30 different VoIP services (see a list of all Betamax/Dellmont VoIP services) and continue to introduce new services every now and then. Recently, Dellmont Sarl introduced another VoIP service – Today, we take...

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Is MexLD really the cheapest long distance calling service to Mexico? [Review]

By Alok Saboo on May 1st, 2010

Mexico is a popular destination for international callers, especially within the US. This is not very surprising given the number of things Mexico shares with US (including a common border). Here is an option that claims to offer cheap long distance calls to Mexico.- MexLD. Let us compare and contrast MexLD with other options to...

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PCO4NRI – Rs. 1 India calling card service; Cheap calls to Bangladesh, Pakistan, & Sri Lanka [Review]

By Alok Saboo on April 19th, 2010

Today we review another new VoIP calling card service that is targeted towards users from the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh) – PCO4NRI. For those who are wondering what a weird name that is, PCO stands for Public Call Office and NRI stands for Non Resident Indians. PCOs are the equivalent of...

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uVoIPit – Cheap International VoIP calling card service [Review]

By Alok Saboo on April 10th, 2010

Here at TruVoIPBuzz, I am always on a look out for a new VoIP services that show some promise. The objective is two fold: Make you aware of options that you have, and Help young VoIP companies to get their feet off the ground. Today, let us look at another VoIP startup that seems promising...

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