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FastVoIP offers cheapest VoIP calls worldwide [Review & Coupon]

By Alok Saboo on April 6th, 2011

Price, quality, and service are the probably the most important factors influencing the choice of a VoIP provider. Providers such as Betamax (e.g., Rynga, Jumblo, SmartVoIP) do reasonably well on price and to some extent on quality, however, their non-existent customer service renders the entire value proposition useless. Blocked accounts, billing disputes, payment issues, and...

Read More – Low cost VoIP calls all around the world (incl. India, China) [Review]

By Alok Saboo on May 24th, 2010

Launching new VoIP services is nothing new for companies such as Dellmont Sarl and Betamax. Between the two they have over 30 different VoIP services (see a list of all Betamax/Dellmont VoIP services) and continue to introduce new services every now and then. Recently, Dellmont Sarl introduced another VoIP service – Today, we take...

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Why & how to become a reseller for Rynga, Jumblo, SmartVoIP, or other Betamax/Dellmont VoIP service?

By Alok Saboo on March 28th, 2010

Despite the surge in the number of providers offering affordable calling to various destinations, Betamax/Dellmont services, such as Rynga, ActionVoIP, Jumblo, or SmartVoIP, continue to remain the cheapest VoIP service providers and attracting new users in hordes. Many users, however, face payment issues with Betamax/Dellmont services and are not able to use their credit cards...

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How-To make FREE international calls to over 21 countries [Tutorials]

By Alok Saboo on October 29th, 2009

It has been long since we published our last hack on to make how to make unlimited free international calls. Since then, however, Freedomcalls has removed the landline access numbers, making it very expensive to use the hack. Today we present, another great tutorial to make unlimited free calls to over 20 countries. Read on...

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BMAX-Choose lowest cost Betamax provider to minimize your Call Rates [Review]

By Alok Saboo on October 12th, 2009

If you have been following the VoIP space for some time, you would surely have accumulated a few Betamax accounts. I for one have over 5 accounts, including Jumblo, Nonoh, SmartVoIP, Rynga, and ActionVoIP. As you would have noticed, Betamax has different rates for the same destination across its services. This implies that, as a...

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Rynga.Com – Cheap International Calling to India & other locations [Review]

By Alok Saboo on September 29th, 2009

The payment issues (not able to use credit cards, Paypal) with several Betamax providers, hasn’t stopped Betamax from rolling out another service – Rynga. This seems to be a regular affair – every few months Betamax will roll out a new service with some great rates to various destinations and slowly increase the rates (only...

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Complete VoIP SIP Settings for all Betamax providers [Tools]

By Alok Saboo on September 26th, 2009

It’s a pain to search for the SIP settings for your favorite VoIP provider. Not any more, we present the most comprehensive listing of the SIP settings of all the Betamax VoIP services. If you do not find your provider in the list, please drop a comment and I will update the list to reflect...

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How-TO Add Custom SIP Account in Nimbuzz [Tutorial]

By Alok Saboo on September 16th, 2009

From the number of comments/questions that I get, it seems that Mobile VoIP (mVoIP) is growing fast. If you are still not familiar with the idea, I would recommend that you read Mobile VoIP (mVoIP) for dummies. Today, I am going to provide a simple tutorial on how to add a custom SIP provider in...

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Payment options in SmartVoIP/ActionVoIP & other Betamax Clones [Tips & Tricks]

By Alok Saboo on June 12th, 2009

For all that people have to say about Betamax clones like ActionVoIP, SmartVoIP, etc. the truth is that their prices are drawing customers in hordes. Betamax clones like ActionVoIP and SmartVoIP are offering the best VoIP deals for making cheap international calls. However, off late, readers around the globe are complaining of the lack of...

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Who is the Cheapest VoIP provider? – SmartVoIP vs. ActionVoIP

By Alok Saboo on April 12th, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cheapest of them all? Today, we revisit this debate on who is the cheapest VoIP provider? Well, let me first qualify the objective. We are looking for an overall cheaper VoIP provider and not necessarily the cheapest provider for “all destinations”. You may find another provider that...

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