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MagicJack App brings unlimited free calls to USA/Canada [Video Tutorial]

By Alok Saboo on October 16th, 2011

If you thought that there is nothing like free lunch, think again!!

Today we review another way to make unlimited FREE calls to USA and Canada. No registration, no credit cards, We recently reviewed NetTalk app to make free calls to USA and Canada, but MagicJack definitely has more to offer – it even allows you to receive calls. So, let us talk MagicJack app for a ride and see what it has to offer.

MagicJack App Logo

Getting Started with MagicJack App

To get started, download and install the app (iTunes Link) on your Apple device. MagicJack app works on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

If you already are a MagicJack customer, you can use your existing account on the app. If, however, you do not have an account, you can create one from within the app. Please note that you can use the app without an account, but you will not be able to receive calls without an account.

MagicJack iPhone App Splash Screen MagicJack iPhone App Account Setup MagicJack iPhone App dialer

Making free calls using MagicJack App

Making calls is relatively simple. You can use the keypad to enter the number manually or use your address book to lookup a number. During the call, you have all the standard options (other than recording calls).

MagicJack_App_Dial_Number MagicJack_App_Make_free_calls

There does not seem to be any restriction on the number of calls made or the length of each calls (at least, I did not encounter any).

Receiving calls using MagicJack App

One area where the MagicJack App distinguishes itself from other similar apps is the ability to receive calls from regular telephone lines. This feature is available only when you create an account on MagicJack. 

When you login to your account, you get a unique account number that can be reached from a regular PSTN line. A MagicJack account is a 10 digit number that starts and ends with an asterisk, e.g., *0123456777*. Your friends and family can dial the main MagicJack number (305-848-TALK) and then enter your account number to be connected with you. Again, there does not seem to be any restriction on the length of calls or the number of calls that you can receive.

MagicJack iPhone App Account Number MagicJack iPhone App incoming call

The following video provides a detailed overview of how to use MagicJack app to make and receive calls.

MagicJack recommends using the app with Wi-Fi or 4G (basically high bandwidth). The app itself, while stable, feel sluggish. The call quality is not stellar, but something that you can live with (definitely nothing to complaint for a FREE service).

Clearly, mobile VoIP (mVoIP) is coming of age and it is nice to see more options to make VoIP calls on your smart phone. Do not forget to share your experience with MagicJack app…

  • Alok Saboo

    Right now, the app works on iOS only. Hopefully, they are working on other platforms.

  • Anonymous

    I found your links of OBi and am most appreciative for you guidance on these..Recently attempted to get MagicJack Plus but was most disappointed when they charged my card 85.00 and did not deliver the product..When i contacted Customer Service they refused to refund the money and suggested i buy another one…Then i began to look deeper and found that there are nearly 300 one star ratings for Magic Jack in Amazon and so many complaints on the web over all..This time i have checked the ratings on OBi 100 and 110  are really excellent..

    • Alok Saboo

      Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated!!

      As regards your MagicJack charges, you can also get in touch with your credit card provider and file a complaint if MagicJack customer service is not responding. They should be able to help.

  • Josh_skopelitis_22

    does it cost the person you are calling?

    • Alok Saboo

      It is like calling from a landline. So, the other person may use local plan minutes.

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