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How to install OpenVBX by Twilio on any webhosting server [Video Tutorial]

By Alok Saboo on June 26th, 2010

In a short span of 2 years, Twilio has introduced some very cool products. At its core, Twilio provides web-based APIs enabling businesses to build scalable communication applications using the cloud that can make and receive phone calls and text messages (SMS). Today we are going to talk about Twilio’s latest offering – OpenVBX.

What is OpenVBX?

OpenVBX is a web-based open source tool to create phone systems for enterprises. In some sense, OpenVBX is a front end for Twilio’s APIs. OpenVBX extends Twilio’s API by providing a user interface and other primitives like voicemail that build upon Twilio’s core API stack. OpenVBX comes with applets for auto-attendants, call forwarding, voicemails (with transcription), receiving text messages and more. The video provides the genesis behind OpenVBX.

We will talk more about the features and benefits of OpenVBX later. This post is intended to get you started with OpenVBX – to help you setup and configure OpenVBX.

How to setup and configure OpenVBX?

Installing OpenVBX is not a very difficult task. This section will walk you through the entire process with a detailed video tutorial. If you do not want to read the whole stuff, you can watch the following video which provides a step-by-step tutorial on installing OpenVBX on any host (instructions after the video).

Installing OpenVBX on any Webhosting server…

1. Basic Requirements

You need a web server running MySQL 5+, PhP 5.2 and a Twilio Account. If you can run WordPress on your server, you should be able to run OpenVBX. I am using Hostgator, but pretty much any webhost should work.

2. Download the OpenVBX Code

You can download the latest OpenVBX code here. Save the code in a convenient location (e.g., Desktop)

3. Create an account on Twilio

Although open-source, OpenVBX is designed to work with Twilio and hence you would need to create a Twilio account. You also get trial credits of $30 to try the setup. You can use this credit to purchase a local number, make calls, send and receive text messages (SMS), etc.

4. Create and configure MySQL database

You need to create a separate database for OpenVBX. You can use any method to create a database – Wizard, SQL, etc. Also, assign a user and assign all the privileges to modify the database. Remember these details, you will need them in the final step.

5. Upload OpenVBX files to your Webhost

Next, we need to upload the OpenVBX files to our webhost. You can extract the files on your computer and upload them via FTP or upload the zip file to your host and extract there. Either approach is fine. For the purposes of this tutorial, I am using the cPanel file manager to upload the files.

6. Start the installation

Just navigate to the URL of your OpenVBX installation. It should be something like


If your system meets the minimum requirements, you should see a dashboard with all Green color.

OpenVBX installation

You can then just follow the prompts from that point. You will see the following prompts:



It is a fairly straight forward process. Watch the video for more details. If all goes well, you should see…


7. Testing your OpenVBX setup

After you have setup OpenVBX, you can test it out by navigating the same URL as in step 6 above and you should see a login prompt. Enter the login details that you created in step 6.5 and you should see your account page Smile



Great, now you have a successfully set up OpenVBX installation. Play around to explore the options and features. We will talk about some of the features in a subsequent post. Remember, you have $30 in your account, feel free to spend them!!

You can customize your OpenVBX installation and even resell to your customers, making some money on your way. If you are looking for other ways to make money off VoIP, read our earlier guide on how to start your own international calling card business and how to become a VoIP reseller.

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  • Wibowosusilo

    explanation is interesting, pretty clear. but there are some things I understand less what he meant.

  • Gopalcuul

    its very easy and i am use my i phone.and call india.i live bangladesh.voice very good same as mobile call.i am use many tipe voip software.but its best.amd i am working in mobile servicing.try all

  • Alok Saboo

    Thanks for the note….glad that it worked for you!!

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    The quality of the service is excellent, both in the quality of the product and the technical support you can call when you get stuck.

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  • Alok Saboo

    OpenVBX works with any hosting provider (as long as the provider satisfies the basic requirements).

  • Hosted PBX

    Great resource for getting a first hand information about OpenVBX.

  • how to make a website

    Without the video tutorial it would be very hard for us to complete these steps. Glad you posted the video as well.

  • Alok Saboo

    What did you try in that field? I believe it should be the URL that you use to access your OpenVBX installation, although I must say that I have not tried it out. I will try it out and let you know. Meanwhile, let you know if that works.

  • Sales

    I am getting a blank page for the index.php

    • Alok Saboo

      Did you get a confirmation that the installation is successfully completed? You may want to re-install OpenVBX to see if it works.

  • Txtcha

    You need to add /index.php to the end of the URL. For instance, ours needed to be http:/

    • Alok Saboo


  • Anonymous

    This installation routine doesnt work at all.

    • Alok Saboo

      It worked for me and several others. It is a fairly easy process and should work without any issues. Can you clarify what is not working for you?

  • Rocco

    Thank You!! I was having a hard time with the setup, and your video walked me thru the whole process… The info on OpenVBX is lacking help. They should add a link to your video :)
    Thanks Rocco

    • Alok Saboo

      I am glad you found it useful…

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