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How-to setup SIP accounts in X-Lite or other SIP phone [Tutorial]

By Alok Saboo on January 1st, 2010

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all you wonderful readers!! Hope the new year brings all the good things that you have always dreamt of…

Now on to today’s topic. In some of my earlier posts, I have casually talked about using soft phones (SIP software clients) to access VoIP. However, it seems that setting up SIP account deserves a detailed post. So, today I have a detailed post about setting up SIP accounts in a softphone. I am using X-lite for this tutorial, but you can easily follow the guide for any other softphone or even an ATA. You can download x-lite here (the latest version works on Windows 7).

First time you start x-lite, you will see the following screen:

x-lite_Home_ScreenTo setup your SIP account in x-lite, just right click anywhere on the x-lite window and select “SIP Account Settings…” and you will be presented with:

x-lite_SIP_AccountsIn the free version, you can only add 1 SIP account. To add more accounts, you may want to consider other versions (e.g., Bria or eyeBeam). Just click “Add” in the above screen and enter the details of your SIP account. You can find the SIP settings of Betamax providers (e.g., ActionVoIP, SmartVoIP, Jumblo) here. Remember, you can always get a free SIP account from your Voxalot account. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will use Voxalot. So just enter the SIP details of Voxalot:

x-lite_Add_SIP_AccountThe display name can be anything that you want to displayed on the caller ID of the other party. However, in my experience it does not usually work very well. User name and the Authorization user name are the username of your account. Enter the password in the Password field. For most VoIP provider, the incoming and outgoing servers are the same. For example, if you want to use SIP settings, just enter the SIP server ( in Domain and select Outbound via domain. However in case of Voxalot, you need to enter separate Domains and proxy server address as shown above.

Although STUN servers are optional for most providers, if you have the STUN server details and you want to enter it, just click the Topology tab and enter the details in the STUN server field.

x-lite_Stun_SettingsIf you are technically inclined, I would recommend you to look around the other options (although you are not required to – the default settings work just as fine). Just click OK and Close in the next screen and you should be back to the main x-lite window. x-lite should now try to register with your SIP provider and if all goes well, you should see “Ready” status:

x-lite_Final_VoxalotThats it!! You are now ready to make calls using your SIP account. Here is a detailed video tutorial explaining how to set up a few SIP account on x-lite.

Please note that you can follow the same instructions for other clients as well. Most SIP client use the same terminologies for these fields. As always, if you have any questions about any step or if you are not able to get this running, feel free to drop a line and I will try my best to assist you…

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  • sabir ahamed

    hi am not able to make calls from xlite, but my set up is correct and showing my username in the display.

  • Alok Saboo
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  • Mohammed

    i have my account but what do i write after my account eg55177660@……….. what do i wrte after the @.

    And what do i write in the proxy server.

  • Alok Saboo

    I am not sure if I understand your question completely. Can you please tell me which provider are you configuring on X-lite?

  • Chandru

    Dear Alok, thanx a lot for your tutorial “Use proxy server to bypass local ISP ban on VoIP calls?”
    With the help of your inputs, I could successfully make VOIP call to India using X-lite, Rynga, outbound free proxy and my ISP. Earlier, it was not possible since my ISP was blocking calls from Rynga/Jumblo !! Thanx a lot again.

  • Alok Saboo

    I am glad that this helped….enjoy and spread the word so that others may also benefit from this. Thanks!!

  • Alok Saboo

    I am glad that this helped….enjoy and spread the word so that others may also benefit from this. Thanks!!

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  • Egoldteam

    really i need to get sip accounts to use it for calling i have way to make big money just calling an numbers thats from company and they pay me as minets i make plz if any one can get sip accounts msg me fast to do this work

  • Alok Saboo

    VoIP is not legal in UAE and hence your ISP may have blocked the ports. You may want to follow this tutorial to troubleshoot your VoIP connection or try this guide. This will help us clearly determine what is the root cause.

    If indeed, your ISP is blocking your VoIP connection, you can use Proxy server to bypass ISP restriction or use services such as RingoMax to access VoIP in UAE.

  • Nabasinghkh

    i still have problem in setting up,please tell me how to do it

    • Alok Saboo

      I cannot help you unless you provide more details about the problems you are facing. I will encourage you to follow our guide to troubleshooting your VoIP connection. It will definitely be useful…

  • Alok Saboo
  • Kaanthal

    i tried to configure action voip in xlite.
    the error 503 is coming.
    i dont know why its happand?
    please tell me good answer.

    • Alok Saboo

      Sometimes the Error 503 is temporary and it goes away if you restart the app. I am assuming there is no problem with the settings that you have entered. If it still does not go away, there can be lot of things that can be wrong and it is difficult to point out an exact source without further probing. Where are you located, just to make sure that VoIP is not blocked at your end? Were you able to access VoIP in the past or did you always get such errors?

      If you are still having trouble, I would suggest you follow the basic VoIP troubleshooting steps and see if you find something there. You may also want to see how to optimally set up your ATA/Router for VoIP traffic. Let me know if you still have issues.

  • Pepi_mastev

    alok pls tell me your pasword
    pls pls :D

    • Alok Saboo

      Oh sure….”bemyguest” :D

  • schoolboy

    hi Alok, i cant register on voxalot… it always says “registration failed, use the website to register”

    • Alok Saboo

      Where are you trying to register? Which country are you in? If you want, I can register for you. Use the contact form to send me the details.

      • Melad65

        Boss, as per your setup guide i setup my Voip account in X-light. but i am getting a error massage “Registration error 408-request timeout” what exactly is going wrong. for your info i am in Egypt 
        it will be great help if u guide me.
        please please help me 

        • Alok Saboo

          Given the regulatory restrictions in Egypt, I am afraid that VoIP ports may be blocked by your ISP and hence you are getting the error message. Contact your ISP to find out if there is any such restriction on accessing VoIP.

  • Shahrukh_prince1

    hello dear i followed as you mentioned but still on screen showing reg error 408 request timeout why ?

    plz tell me solution

    • Alok Saboo

      The Registration Error 408 in x-lite can be due to variety of reasons, including ISP restriction, firewall issues, and incorrect SIP settings, among others. It is difficult to point out the exact source of error without carrying out additional diagnostic tests. Try a different SIP account, different SIP client, etc. You may find the tutorial on troubleshooting your VoIP connection helpful.

      Let me know the results and I will be very happy to help you from there.

  • sudharshan

    Dear Alok….Thank you for the information. I connected Actionvoip through X-Lite V4.0 and the setup has been configured. However, I am unable to make calls as it says “Failed to Establish Call” after a brief time. I tried to troubleshoot the connection and the echo tests are fine. I am currently calling from ITALY. Kindly help!

    • Alok Saboo

      Try dialing any other number, e.g., your own number, to see if that works. There can be several things that can go wrong, so let us take one step at a time. To diagnose the actual cause, I will suggest you follow the steps listed in troubleshooting your VoIP connection guide. That will help us pinpoint the exact source of the problem.

      Also, kindly clarify if your X-lite client is dialing out at all, meaning do you hear the ring?

  • Alok Saboo

    X-lite is the light (read free) version of Bria. X-lite is a basic SIP client. You can find more about the difference between x-lite and Bria client here. Please note that both clients cannot be used to send text messages.

  • Alok Saboo

    Just use the FastVoIP SIP settings while configuring Nimbuzz. You can follow the detailed tutorial on how to configure SIP accounts in Nimbuzz.

    Let me know if you need any other information.

  • Alok Saboo

    I do not have first hand experience with Mobeely, but I have heard that it works there. With Mobeely, there is nothing that you need to change on your phone. It has a dialer for Oman, just make sure that it works on your phone. However, I would suggest that you find out the rates of Mobeely and compare that with using a VPN connection. You could also consider using a proxy server to bypass VoIP restrictions. There is another service like Mobeely, Ringomax to bypass VoIP restrictions that seems to be more popular.

    As regards ActionVoIP, there could be several things that could be wrong, your SIP client, SIP settings, network, etc. It may be difficult to isolate the issue without some troubleshooting. I will suggest that you follow the VoIP troubleshooting guide to isolate the issue. It is quite possible that the SIP stack on your phone is disabled. Have you been able to make SIP calls ever in the past from your mobile phone?

  • Alok Saboo

    Usually, restarting the system does the trick. If that does not help, there are several things that can be the cause of the problem. Follow the steps listed here to troubleshoot your VoIP connection and this should help us determine the source of the error. BTW, where are you located?

  • Rocking21

    hi alok i live in india and pls tell me can i make call within india for free to phones through xlite. 

    • Alok Saboo

      Unfortunately, VoIP is not completely “free” in India. Carriers charge termination fee and other taxes, as applicable. Consequently, you cannot make FREE calls to any Indian phone using any VoIP provider. You can however, make free VoIP to VoIP calls using any client.


    I have been using SIP and of late I can hear the voice of my relatives but they can’t hear mine…I tried ur method BUT can’t account activation failed several times on X lite 4….HELP..please..(I am in Oman, and several people use the same SIP which works fine for them)

    • Alok Saboo

      One way audio is typically a good indicator of traffic shaping activities by your ISP. I understand that Oman has some restrictions on VoIP and that may explain your audio issues. Are the other people (who have got this working) on the same network?

  • Monty_1689

    Hey can you help me how to setup voip sip account in iphone? 

    • Alok Saboo

      You need to use a SIP client on your iPhone. Here’s how to configure SIP account on Media5 fone SIP client. You can also use Whistle Phone as a FREE SIP client on your iPhone.

      Hope this helps..

      • Johnson

        Dear sir i am in UAE  i want to call india with cheap rate pls tell how can i call…before that i am using fastvoip through nimbuzz…but now fastvoip was not working in UAE…pls guide me..i can open any site that was ristricted bcz i have bypass proxy…pls help me…

      • Dw2426

         Can you use this same information on a physical sip phone such as a polycom and have the phone just work automatically off your sip info?

        • Alok Saboo

          Yes, you can use your SIP info on any SIP compatible phone and it will work.

  • Johnson

    very nice guide thank u dear

  • Utkarsh


    i m unable to create my account on as it was showing error of not accepting email id provider of gmail and yahoo………
    i also try with some other one but it still shows the error that”voxalot no longer sopports email addreses from that mail provider. please use a different e mail address”…….
    so plz guide me so i ll be able to create account on that………………
    thanking you

    • Alok Saboo

      You can use your professional email address, if you have one. Alternatively, you can try one of the lesser known providers (e.g., GMX).

  • Saurabh_srivastav88

    hi, i am saurabh while i fill up 1st setting SIP  i am geting error msg , could not be enebled (SIP Error 408) so plz help me and replay me on , i am using these settings on X-lite 4.1v………

    • Alok Saboo

      Where are you located? Have you tried any other SIP provider yet?

  • Kapoor Akhilesh

    i get a failed to establish call error

    • Alok Saboo

      Difficult to say what may be going on. To troubleshoot the issue, try the SIP settings in any other SIP client and see if the problem persists.

  • Alok Saboo

    You can configure STUN under the Topology tab in Account Settings.

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